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We believe that in collaboration with each other, Chester Hospitality Association can make a positive difference to each of our businesses and to the City of Chester. Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Attractions need a collective voice in this growing Visitor Economy Sector. With regular meetings, communication and an inclusive approach, we can be trusted to support our members equally and add value to all. Our links with City Partners and Government bodies means that we are the go to place to find out what’s happening in the City and to make the most of it.

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To support both the development of Chester as a must-see visitor destination in a sustainable way and work with other agencies to promote our heritage city across the world in order to strengthen the tourism economy, increase employment opportunities for all, and enhance the quality of life enjoyed by local people.

In Association with Staff 86

This year's Chester Hospitality Association People's Awards are brought to you with the kind support of Staff 86.

Staff 86 Limited is an Events and Hospitality Staffing company that supplies staff to venues, business, and individuals across the UK. They are a casual, inclusive, and fun company to work for or do business with, and have the ability to offer their team shifts at times that suit them, enabling them to select their own shifts through their Staff App. This means that when workers are sent to clients, that person has chosen to attend that venue, picked the shift in advance and is committed to being there.

Staff 86 believe they break the mould in terms of temporary staffing and are very proud of what the company has managed to achieve, in terms of client satisfaction,

and staff feedback.

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